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Writing Templates - Numeric Function Tags

BeanMaker support the following numeric functions. The output is always a .

    $inc(numeric value, value)$

    $dec(numeric value, value)$

The numeric parameters in the above functions can be numeric positive integer constants or BeanMaker's tags or other functions. Examples:

$inc(2,3)$         => "5"
$dec(15,4)$        => "11"

$doproperty$                          | This loop will run through properties and produce:
  $index$ and $inc($index$, 1)$   =>  |   0 and 1
$loop$                                |   1 and 2
                                      |   2 and 3 ... and so on

$inc($maxproplen$, 2)   => this will return the [maximum property length in characters] + 2
Copyright 2000-2006 CyLog Software