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Writing Templates - Include File Tag

BeanMaker's Include File Tag can be used to insert a template inside a template. An example of this can be a "header" template that is used by all other templates. The Include File Tag should be the only tag in a line of text - anything else before or after the tag on the same text line will be ignored.


For example, let's assume that you want to include the following template in the beginning of any Java class:

 * Example of using standard tags on a file header
 * Copyright 2005 CyLog All Rights Reserved.
 * Package: $package$
 * Class:   $class$.java
// ---- Package Declaration ---------------------------------------------------
package $package$;

// ---- Import Statements -----------------------------------------------------
import java.util.*;

You can save the above code as "header.tpl" and then include it in another template like:

  public class $class$
Copyright 2000-2006 CyLog Software