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Writing Templates - Regular Expression Tag

BeanMaker's Regular Expression Tag is a very powerful tag that can be used to replace strings in another string. For example, a regular expression tag can be used to convert a Java package definition (dot-delimited name) to a file path:
$regex ('$package$','\.','\')$

    $regex('string', 'find', 'replace with')$

For example, to display the full file path of a file inside a Java class:

 * Package:  $package$
 * Filename: $regex ('$package$','\.','\')$$class$.java
 * Class:    $class$.java

Regular Expressions
BeanMaker is using the Freeware TRegEx library written by Andrey V. Sorokin, St.Petersburg, Russia Copyright (c) 1999-2005. You can find more information on his web-site at

More help on the RegEx syntax BeanMaker supports can be found on Andrey's web-site at:

Support: Please note that the author of TRegExpr cannot answer direct questions on BeanMaker usage. If you need any help with BeanMaker please use CyLog Software's contact page at:

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