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BeanMaker is an innovative and fully customizable source code generator, designed to help boost programmers' productivity. It can generate any kind of files (*.java, *.xml, *.tld) using simple text templates enhanced with with special tags.

Some of BeanMaker's features, that we believe are extremely important for programmers:

  • is easy to install, uninstall and move around. It will not write anything to the registry, it will not do anything that you don't want it to do.
  • can work in source-controlled multi-person team environments.
  • is fully customizable. You can create ANY type of file, ANY kind of code, using only YOUR rules.
  • template tags are unlimited. You can define your own tags.
  • custom tags can be recursive; they can use other tags!
  • you can use the regular expression tag to generate practically anything.

BeanMaker has unbelievable potential to make your code base consistent, syntactically error-free and help you rapidly build classes, deployment descriptors and any other files you usually build by copying and pasting code. BeanMaker is fully object oriented, has been written in Delphi and has been used excesively in Java and J2EE environments.

See what it can do for you, by following our Quick Guide.

Copyright 2000-2006 CyLog Software