FileStats v0.18

FileStats is a simple utility that scans a folder and its sub-folders and returns statistics on the files found. It returns a by-extension break down of number of files, file size and number of lines.

Counting the lines of files works for all operating system End-Of-Line delimiters of common text files, i.e. UNIC (LF ASCII #10), DOS (CRLF ASCII #13+#10) and MAC (CR ASCII #13).

FileStats will only count the number of files specified as "text" in the user preferences, so you can define exactly which files you would like the program to attempt opening and counting its lines.

Version History

v0.18 - 05.Apr.2008

  • Font setting
  • Moved checkbox for recursion to the main panel
  • Moved CountTextFileLines in clFileUtil
  • Bug with CR, LFs, made it consistent with countln

v0.14 - 31.Dec.2004

  • Bug fixes


  • FileStats
  • FileStats