3D Dissolve Classic v1.61 & 3D Dissolve v2.02 beta

3D Dissolve is back! The latest version of Dissolve, one of the simplest yet most beautifully mathematical screen savers, is a reminder of those days back in 1997 when the first version was coded by Ioannis Tsoukalidis and Kostas Symeonidis. Since then, many things have happened...
The last stable version of Dissolve has been destroyed. We have experimented with DirectX, Ioannis wrote an OpenGL version of dissolve with an amazing language to create your own objects, then both authors have moved abroad.

Now, a new version of 3D Dissolve is back, 3D Dissolve Classic! The last surviving code of the original has been revised and recompiled using Delphi 7, and we are happy to announce that our famous screen saver is available again.

Loved by thousands of users worldwide, this latest version of the famous screen saver features:

  • the original 44 3D objects
  • speed control
  • runs only on 32-bit version of Windows (NT, 2K, XP)

Having a new stable release is very important to us, mainly because the mood and motivation seems to be back.

Version History

  • 1.61 Restored old camera movement with speed/spin variety and zoom. Added few new patterns. New larger point size.
  • 1.6 Multiple monitor support, new color schemes using HSV
  • 1.5 Revived version of the old code, runs on Win2K, WinXP, speed control

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