GreekConversions v3.00

This program converts Greek text to Greeklish (Greek text in Latin character set) and vice-versa using user-defined conversion schemes. Very useful to translate greek text and send via e-mail through 7-bit ASCII character set mailers.

Fully customizable, Greek Conversions (GCNV32) is used by many Greek users worldwide. The application allowd you to define different conversion schemes for different Greeklish dialects. A sample configuration file contains conversion schemes like the one below:

[*]CyLog's Scheme
[3]Θ-TH Ξ-KS Ψ-PS θ-th ξ-ks ψ-ps
[4]PS-Ψ KS-Ξ TH-Θ ps-ψ ks-ξ th-θ